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We represent injured California workers in all aspects of a workers' compensation claims. It does not matter in what stage of the work comp claim you are in, we can help. We can assist you with both types of Workers’ Compensation Injuries: Specific and Cumulative. These can then be divided into different classifications such as Orthopedic, Internal, Psychological and (Death). Our goal is always to get you the medical and monetary benefits that you deserve under the California Workers’ Compensation system. To better assist you, we offer a free initial case review consultation where we discuss your claim and help you better understand your options. Call today to schedule this free consultation.



Workers' compensation laws are designed to ensure employees who are injured in a work-related activity to receive compensation for lost wages, medical care, and if necessary, vocational rehabilitation. Worker's compensation legislation requires the employer to furnish a reasonably safe place to work, suitable equipment, rules and instructions when they are reasonably necessary, and reasonably competent foremen and superintendents. The employer is liable for an employee's acts of negligence, for the employer's own gross negligence, and for extraordinary risks of work.

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This type of injury has a certain date or incident which caused your injury. It usually is caused by one specific accident or event that resulted in some type of injury. These types of injuries can seem simple, but can often lead to other types of injuries or distresses.



This type of injury doesn’t have a certain date that caused your injury. It is usually caused by a repetitive & constant movement that over time has resulted in an injury. Even though cumulative injuries are often overlooked and denied, we are ready to assist you.  

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Orthopedic Injury.jpg

Work-Related Injury


Orthopedic Injuries are the most common type of injuries associated with a Work Comp claim. These include various types of injuries to the human body such as joint or bone injuries to the wrist, hand, knee, ankle or shoulder. Injury to the neck, back or spinal also fall under this classification, but these are more serious injuries that can cause long-term disability and can affect other body parts. Carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis are also examples of orthopedic injuries.

psychological injury.jpg

Work-Related Injury


Psychological injuries are the most overlooked work-related injury. Even though there could be many causes to these injuries, they are often a compensable consequence of an orthopedic injury. However, there are occasions when an employer or type of employment brings about stress, anxiety, or even depression to a debilitating level. Emotional, discriminatory and stress-related matters are often considered part of a psychological injury as well.  

Internal Work Injury.jpg

Work-Related Injury


Internal injuries can include any injury which has affected the inside of your body excluding bone injuries. These can include hypertension, organ damage, cancer, and many other cascading injuries such as high blood pressure, GERD, digestive and bowels, stress, depression and even anxiety.  These types of injuries can be caused by a variety of situations such as chemical exposures, not having/wearing the right Personal Protective Equipment and even consumption.

Injured Worker Death.jpg

Work-Related Injury


Catastrophic injuries are considered to be the most serious, with long-term effects on the injured worker’s life. These injuries leave the worker suffering from permanent disability/disabilities for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, with some of these work-related injuries, it even results in the employee’s death. Because of the nature and long-term effects on the worker and the family, it is recommended to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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